Playing a significant role in the industrial sector and being fully equipped for serving bulk freight is the main challenge for the Port of Vasilikos in Cyprus. We, as Consultants to the Cyprus Ports Authority, contributed in the elaboration of the Tender Documents for the Master Plan of the port.

Within the framework of this study, SYSTEMA Transport Planning & Engineering Consultants Ltd. was responsible for writting Tender Documents for the Master Plan Vasiliko port, which is located at the southern part of Cyprus, between Lemesos and Larnaca and consists one of the most important industrial ports within the country. The main goal of the Cyprus Ports Authority regarding the port of Vasiliko was for the port to play a significant role in the industrial sector and be fully equipped for serving bulk freight. The Cyprus Ports Authority, thus, detected the need for redefining the role of the port and at the same time reorganising its operations. For this purpose, it was considered necessary for a Master Plan to be elaborated, in order for the port of Vasiliko to be transformed into the most important industrial port of Cyprus, while providing for the expansion of the port (given the fact that the current infrastructure is not adequate for meeting with the future demand). The main objective of the Master Plan was to become the basis for finding and ensuring the funding for all necessary projects within the port from EU and other International Organizations.

Within the above framework, we elaborated the Tender Documents of the Master Plan for the port of Vasiliko, including all detailed information for the participants, the Terms of Reference, Tender Notice, as well as Contract Terms for the elaboration of the Master Plan.


Client: Cyprus Port Authority | Year: 2008