Within the framework of this project we offered advisory services for the implementation and progress monitoring of the projects funded by the Third Community Support Framework, and provided input to OASA (Athens Urban Transport Organization) business plans.

Within the framework of the project, several tasks were carried out, which mainly referred to the management of a transport organisation, such as the development of management procedures for internal and external audit and development of quality systems for OASA and its subsidiary companies, review for the integration of all OASA information systems, development and documentation of the management procedures and the development and implementation of a quality assurance system.

Moreover, we were responsible for the follow-up of the contracts signed between OASA and its subsidiary companies. The main objective was to support OASA and at the same time monitor and improve the transport services provided. Furthermore, the reporting and data provision procedures for operators were standardized, while cost models for maintenance, operations and management of operators were developed, in order to support the decision making process.

Other activities undertaken during the implementation of the project refer to the elaboration of a strategic and marketing plan for OASA, the redesign of the organization model of the company, the development of an integrated system for logistics support, as well as development of a maintenance system, in order to improve the existing maintenance procedures of the vehicle fleet and the overall technical support of operators.

Implementation of this project resulted in increasing the quality of transport services provided by OASA, as well as the company’s reliability, decreasing operating costs of subsidiary companies and finally, providing for the efficient monitoring of the projects funded by the III Community Support Framework, as well as of OASA business plans.


Client: Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) | Year: 2004-2007