SYSTEMA has helped in providing guidelines for future airport development in the wider region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece, while determining the development goals of the airports of Kavala and Alexandroupolis in a viable and financially sound manner for a twenty year time horizon. Furthermore, a Master Plan for the development of the Samothrace island Airport was also undertaken in the course of the study.

Within the framework of this Study, an air transport demand analysis for the regions of East Macedonia and Thrace (Greece), as well as the master plans for the Kavala, and Alexandroupolis airports were conducted. More specifically, this project included inventory, demand-capacity analysis and forecasting for each of the three airports and for the wider region. To this end, future capacity and facility requirements were assessed while a feasibility study was carried out for the development of new airports in the Samothrace Island and the “Evros Triangle” region.

Following the above analysis, the development plans for the airports of Kavala, Alexandroupolis, and Samothrace Island were presented  with a twenty years time horizon (target years 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020). All the pertinent safety clearance and dimensional requirements, airport facilities and equipment needs, environmental and other impacts as well as the implementation plan with all its financial aspects and works timeplan were included in the analysis. A financial analysis was carried out in order to estimate the airports’ costs and revenues based on the relevant demand forecasts, while an economic evaluation, as well as an organizational and operational plan were elaborated.


Client: Civil Aviation Authority | Year: 2000-2003