SYSTEMA – Transport Planning and Engineering Consultants, having considerable experience in car park studies, elaborated a design study of new parking facilities as well as a traffic impact assessment of foreseen facilities of the Attica Zoo Park. Technical support of the study was also provided during the approval process by the competent public Authorities.

Attica Zoo Park intended to expand its facilities to neighboring building blocks, developing an Aquarium and a Museum of Creation and Evolution. The study involved both the siting and layout of the required parking spaces, and the traffic impacts from the operation of the new facilities. More specifically:

  • The current and future operation of AZP was described taking into consideration the variation of number of visitors during the day, parking facilities and arrivals/ departures of vehicles during the peak hour.
  • The required parking spaces per future facility were estimated based on the current legislation.
  • The parking facilities were designed in detail, according to current directives and horizontal and vertical signing was proposed.
  • Traffic surveys were conducted and the traffic impact (deriving from the operation of future facilities) on the road network was assessed, using specialized software.

Finally, the study team provided technical support for the approval of the Traffic Impact Assessment study and licensing of the proposed parking facilities by the competent public Authority of the Region.


Client: Attica Zoo Park | Year: 2012