Meeting with the Olympic Games demand was one of the many challenges the Hellenic Railways Organisation had to face. A thorough Business Plan was elaborated providing all necessary operational tools for the Organisation to operate in an efficient and effective way during the Olympic Games.

The project “Business Plan of the Hellenic Railway Organization (OSE) for the Olympic Games 2004” was developed within the framework of the Strategic and Operational Plan for the Olympic Games Transportation so as to examine rail transport demand with regards to the Olympic Games audience, employees and volunteers. The main focus of the study was on the suburban railway and the critical infrastructure, services and operations with regards to the Olympic Games transport needs.

Apart from analysis related to infrastrucure all available financial resources were also examined. In addition, the Olympic Games supply and demand was estimated and assessed in order to examine whether existing rail services could meet with the expected demand for the Olympic Games. Furthermore, alternative contingency scenarios were elaborated and evaluated. The study team proposed a comprehensive action plan, while particular attention was paid to ensure the co-ordination and interoperability among the railways and other means of transport.

Within the project framework, operational plans, as well as action plans regarding public information systems, signing and pedestrian flows management, were included, while proposals regarding the Railways’ communication policy were also provided. The proposed fare pricing policy and administrative organisation during the Olympic Games were presented and security issues, incident management, services provided to people with disabilities, the overall financial planning and personnel training program were also included in the Business Plan. Finally, proposals regarding alternative ways to support the Business Plan implementation were provided.


Client: Hellenic Railways Organisation | Year: 2003