The Connectivity Gap Analysis identified the compliance gaps of the entire Western Balkans (WB) Core Network against the TEN-T standards. Focus was also placed on the Core Corridors (Mediterranean, Orient/East Med and Rhine-/Danube) extension in the Region. It is noted that within this study, the road, rail and IWW networks were examined.

The analysis for the transport networks produced an inventory of the gaps for the Mediterranean, Orient/East Med and Rhine-Danube Core Corridors. The gaps were identified in relation to the TEN-T standards required for each of the road network, the rail network and the IWW system. The compliance with each of these criteria were shown graphically on maps using a GIS application that was developed within the framework of this Study.

The main objective of the Study was to identify a list of projects for the WB Core Network that will improve the existing networks and will fill in the existing connectivity gaps. All identified projects were thoroughly analysed and their level of maturity was estimated. More specifically, detailed studies and reviews of all available documentation, together with an assessment as to each project’s preparedness for construction for each of the identified segments was carried out.  A project fiche was produced for each one of the identified and analysed projects, which summarises the available project documentation.

Client: EC – DG NEAR | 2015- 2016