Our main concern was to review the adequacy of the current and under construction parking spaces within the wider region of the Court of Justice in Athens, Greece, and provide the client with an integrated proposal for the parking solutions.

The study area consists of one of the most important roads within Athens city centre (Aleksadras Avenue), near one of the most significant nodal points (Ampelokipi) and metro stations, while at the same time is near a crowded residential area. Based on all these, it is obvious that the supply and demand scheme for parking in this area was rather complex and it was considered necessary for a detailed study of parking alternatives to be elaborated.

Within the above framework our Study Team estimated the parking supply and demand balance for different pricing scenarios, in order to estimate the “value” of the parking spaces (current and future) in the study area. More specifically, during the elaboration of the study, several tasks were carried out, such as determining the current situation regarding the parking supply and demand within the study area, analysing the current demand for parking in the area and estimating the future demand, as well as elaborating an economic analysis and estimation of the “value” of the parking spaces. Regarding the economic analysis in particular, we analysed in detail all revenues and costs relating to the alternative ways of implementing the proposed parking solution, as well as the revenues of current car parks, based on the demand elasticity in terms of parking fees.

Client: THEMIS – Public Construction Management Company, Hellenic Ministry of Justice | Year: 2004