Implementation of the external signing design of the Ietiona junction, a vast area constituting a jurisdiction zone of the Piraeus Port Authority, aiming at improving the existing traffic conditions and providing for the safety of the road users.

The study was elaborated in two phases: the first phase included the description of the location and its accessibility, inventory of the existing infrastructure and operations in the area, estimation of transport demand, traffic analysis, examination of demand variation during peak and off peak periods, existing road network, passenger flows, as well as the assessment of the urban and natural environment. In addition, within the first phase of the project, the congested areas under the current operating system were identified, the objectives of Piraeus Port Authority were analyzed and the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the new traffic volumes were assessed. Furthermore, within the framework of this study an overall assessment of the current road infrastructure and its impacts on the area’s traffic was undertaken.

Within the second phase of the project, measures to overcome existing inefficiencies and manage future traffic demand were identified and proposals for the construction of new infrastructure were also provided. In addition, this phase included a comparison between the current level of service and the expected service level after the implementation of the proposed actions. Finally, a preliminary calculation of the related implementation costs was also included in the study.


Client: Piraeus Port Authority | Year: 2003-2004