Our role includes developing the Feasibility Study for the Adriatic-Ionian Road Corridor (AIC) in Montenegro and Albania, comprising the conceptual design of the route, the Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (PESIA) for both countries, as well as the development of an Action Plan for the implementation of the whole Corridor.

The AIC will be part of the TEN-T Mediterranean Core Network Corridor which connects central and Northern Europe with the Balkan peninsula – from Trieste in Italy, down to Kalamata in Greece. The overall Corridor from Italy to Greece will be approximately 1,500 km, while in the Western Balkans region the Corridor passes through Montenegro (approximately 110 km or 7% of total length) and Albania (approximately 305 km or 20% of total length).

The present Technical Assistance, being part of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), Infrastructure Project Facility, Technical Assistance 5 (IPF5), Infrastructures: Energy, Environment, Transport and Social, also aims at developing a coherent Action Plan for the development of the whole Corridor in Montenegro and Albania which will outline all necessary future steps towards the efficient implementation of the project, including feasible financing options.


Client: EIB | 2017