Under the “Reliability and Safety Improvement of “Bar-Vrbnica” railway line (SEETO Rail Route 4) Project”, the Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro – Podgorica (RIoM) is replacing the Signalling/Interlocking Device in the Railway Station Podgorica. SYSTEMA Transport Planning Consultants, under this assignment, performed supervision activities for the replacement of (i) the existing station relay interlocking device with electronic interlocking device, (ii) all field elements of the signaling system (signals, point machines, axle counters instead of track circuits, level crossing devices) and (iii) any existing cable network for signaling devices and the adjustments of existing interstation dependence lock devices (towards stations Bioče, Spuž, Golubovci and Tuzi). Also, supervision of the installation of a new power supply device (fed from public distribution network and Overhead Contact Line – OCL) was provided.

Τhe project objectives were:

  • to ensure that all works executed under the Works’ Contract comply with the approved engineering designs and technical specifications, agreed schedule and budget, terms and conditions of the contract, standard engineering practice, as well as the relevant Montenegrin legislation and policy;
  • to take engineering decisions in consultation with RIoM and, if necessary, to provide guidance and issue instructions to the Works Contractor;
  • to inform RIoM and advise on work progress, quality, cost and time control, as well as any implementation issues;
  • to perform activities related to dispute resolution in compliance with FIDIC 1999 Red Book and all other required under the Supervision Contract and relevant Montenegrin legislation.

The total duration of the supervising assignment was 28 months, comprising of 12 months of Construction Works, 12 months of Defects Notification Period and 4 months for its closing procedures. More specifically, within the Construction phase, the study team has performed an overview of the health and safety plan, has reviewed the contract and timeplan, has applied the technical specifications to work and materials, and has monitored the progress of works and reported unforeseen delays. Also, support was provided for the Taking Over Certificates, supervising testing and commissioning works, testing and commissioning interface works with the neighbourhood interlockings (stations) and collecting the test certificates documents from the Tester in Charge. During the Defects Notification Period the study team inspected the works and monitored any faults to be dealt with by RIoM and the Works Contractor. Finally, the Final phase included the final inspection of the project and the issuance of the Performance Certificate and of the Final Payment Certificate.


Client: Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro (RIoM)| Year: 2017 – 2020