SYSTEMA was responsible for the provision of consulting and design services, regarding both management and operational issues of Attica Regional Bus Company, KTEL Attikis, the bus transport operator, offering services in the suburbs of Athens, Greece.

Within this contract framework with KTEL – Attica Regional Buses S.A., the bus operator offering exclusive services in the suburbs around Athens, Greece, we were mainly responsible for the provision of consulting and design services, regarding technical management issues. The contract included tasks related to both management and operation of a transport operator and mainly referred to transport issues, such as scheduling, pricing, charging policy, transfer issues and interconnection with other means of transport. Furthermore, several management issues, such as human resources management and relations coordination with other public and private entities were also part of our responsibilities.

More specifically, a study for the redesign of the bus network of KTEL – Attica Regional Buses S.A. was undertaken, while scheduling methods and techniques were developed, based on demand data and the optimal use of the available resources, such as the vehicle fleet and the human resources of the company. At the same time, a management reorganizational plan was elaborated and we were also responsible for the relations coordination of the company with both public and private entities, such as the Hellenic Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Athens Urban Transport Organization, Port Authorities, Regional and Local Authorities, as well as shipping companies. Within the framework of the project we developed data collection procedures and the marketing and business strategic planning and support for the company.

Client: KTEL – Attica Regional Buses | Year: 2003-2005