The objectives of this study referred to the review of impacts on traffic at the Glyka Nera Municipality, Athens, due to the operation of the Athens Ring Road (Attiki Odos) and all its regional nodes. At the same time, a detailed traffic study was conducted for the area, in order to propose an integrated solution with regards to the traffic arrangements and measures to be implemented by the Municipality.

The current situation regarding traffic arrangements in the Glyka Nera Municipality, as well as a plan for traffic interventions, which would address all current issues were the main focus of the study. The aim was for the Municipality of Glyka Nera to be able to face all future challenges, due to the constantly changing urban and traffic conditions.

More specifically, within the above framework we estimated the impacts on traffic at the Glyka Nera Municipality, due to the operation of the Attiki Odos Ring Road and all its regional nodes. At the same time, several traffic regulations were selected and implemented (one-way streets, other traffic arrangements), in order to avoid future problems and bottlenecks. Moreover, we proposed a set of measures for improving road safety levels of the area (lower speed limits, pedestrian crossings, etc.), as well as measures for improving pedestrian transportation and people with disabilities.

In order to achieve all goals set within this project, we recorded traffic flows on the main road arteries and nodes of the area, while we took under consideration the estimated, by the local development plan, land uses, as well as all projects under construction. All collected data were processed and a strategic traffic plan was developed, taking into account requests and opinions of the local community and all involved bodies.

Contractor: PLANET S.A.

Client: ATTIKES DIADROMES | Year: 2008