The main objective of this project was to provide the necessary tools for enhancing European intermodal transport by improving interoperability between terminals, interconnectivity and accessibility, with particular reference to the quality of transport chains.

“Intermodal Quality” was conducted within the framework of “Integrated Transport Chains” programme and was funded by the 4thFramework Programme of the European Commission. The project dealt with the assessment of both terminals and networks’ quality, using specific performance indicators. A data base covering all EU countries containing traffic flows, infrastructure (links and nodes) and services was set up, a market segmentation was developed, an economic analysis was elaborated  and an interactive simulation tool (SIMIQ) was produced and tested in the market. This tool was developed to analyse the effect of changes in the system on performance criteria of intermodal transport. The project includes demonstration cases that are situated at different levels of the transport chain and provide a concrete application of the analysis. The project concludes to a set of recommendations for transport operators and policy makers and a framework for the implementation of improvements in the intermodal transport market and industry.

Client: European Commission | Year: 1996-1999