Systema is working on the reconstruction and modernisation of the Orient/East-Med Corridor, Stalać – Kraljevo Route 11 railway section, in Serbia, in the framework of IPF10 Technical Assistance, funded by the European Commission. The scope of our work includes the Feasibility Study, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Preliminary Design and Tender documents.

The key objectives for the modernisation of the current railway line Stalać-Kraljevo are to comply with the EU railway infrastructure standards and to improve accessibility and environmental protection, as well as social conditions.

The importance of this railway line lies in the fact that it connects the central region of Serbia with Pan-European Corridor X. Also, this railway line represents a connection between the Belgrade-Niš-Preševo railway line and the Belgrade-Bar railway line, so in this way, the shortest physical connection between the Black and Adriatic Seas is provided.

The purpose of the Project is the overhaul of the whole line in order to meet design speed from 80km/h up to 120km/h (whenever this is possible), permissible axle load on the railway line of 225kN and permissible load per linear meter of 80kN/m by identifying the necessary interventions to substructure, superstructure (tracks, switches, sleepers, ballast, etc.), structures (tunnel, bridges, culverts), level crossings (elimination or maintenance and security), reconstruction of electrical infrastructure and land acquisition needs.


Client: EIB; Year: 2021-ongoing