Traffic Studies / Traffic Impact Assessments

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants offers high quality consultation services over the entire range of urban development and transport. The company has strong track record of working with both private and public clients and has gained significant experience with regards to:

  • Strategy development and policy implementation for urban transport networks
  • Transport models / Traffic forecasting
  • Traffic studies
  • Traffic impact assessment

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Parking Studies

SYSTEMA – Systems Planning and Management Consultants based on its diverse experience on parking studies, offers practical and creative integrated solutions over the entire range of parking design and operational phases. Since 1998 a significant number of parking studies has been successfully elaborated for both public and private clients.  Our key services include:

  • Strategy development and parking policy implementation
  • Demand forecasting
  • Cost benefit and financial analyses
  • Feasibility studies for car parking stations
  • Operational design and management for car parking stations
  • Pricing policy development

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Car Park Studies

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning and Engineering Consultants having considerable experience in the elaboration of car [...]

Feasibility Studies

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants has conducted a significant number of feasibilities studies for both transport infrastructure projects and transport services, such as:

  • Rail networks
  • Road networks
  • Car parks / parking stations
  • Ports
  • Freight and logistics centers
  • New maritime links
  • Public transport networks and services

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Transport Economics / Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure

Our team has a wide range of skills and experience on transport economics related issues, as well as in transport projects, infrastructure and services evaluation. More specifically, our key consulting services include:

  • Cost benefit and financial analyses
  • Transport infrastructure and services evaluation studies
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Transport and revenue modeling and forecasting
  • Preparation of applications for EU funding

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Transport Policy: Development and Evaluation

Strategy development, in both local and multinational levels, consists of the most important step in sustainable transport infrastructure and services development, as well as in financial development. SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants has conducted a large number of strategy development and evaluation studies related to the transport sector on EU level, the TEN-T networks and their expansion to neighbouring countries. The Company has also elaborated strategic development plans and transport policy development projects on national and local level, in Greece and internationally.

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Public Transport Systems

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants offers high quality consultation services over the entire range of public transport systems development. The company has gained significant experience in this field, by working closely with local authorities and public transport organizations.  Our key services include:

  • Strategy development and policy implementation for public transport systems
  • Demand and revenue forecasting
  • Assessment studies and optimization of public transport networks and services  
  • Operational management for public transport systems
  • Pricing policies development Market analyses
  • Quantitative and qualitative monitoring indicators development

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Freight Transport / Intermodal Transport / Logistics

Our Company is focused on providing consulting services related to freight and intermodal transport, as well as logistics. These services refer to the entire range of freight transport systems design, development and operational issues:

  • Business strategies development and implementation for intermodal freight transport
  • Freight centers and terminals studies (feasibility, viability, general and detailed design, master planning)
  • Demand and revenue forecasting
  • Market analyses
  • Development of legal framework

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Transport Research

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants has conducted commissioned research across the entire field of transport and has contributed in policy development within Europe. Our research work includes projects on:

  • Intermodal transport
  • Road safety
  • Transport policy
  • Transport economics
  • Urban transport
  • Toll systems
  • Maritime transport

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