Identifying viable projects in the field of urban transport to apply for EU funding was the main challenge for the study team. The main scope was to improve the urban transport system of Stara Zagora, creating an enviable environment for all residents. SYSTEMA provided project management services, as well as transport planning and transport modeling services.

The main objective of the study was to develop projects in the field of urban transport to apply for EU funding. The study team focused on the assessment of the current transport conditions in Stara Zagora evaluating all data provided by different sources.

Based on all information collected, through field surveys and other information sources, regarding the current situation of the Stara Zagora urban environment, the current needs (in terms of public transportation, as well as in terms of road network infrastructure) were identified and alternative scenarios that would contribute to the modernization and development of a sustainable urban environment for the city, were proposed.

A traffic and public transport model was developed so as to simulate the current and future situation as well as to test the impact of each scenario in the future. All the collected data were used for the development of the transport planning model for the Municipality, in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the demand characteristics within the town and the relationship between supply and demand.

The study team also evaluated the existing legal and institutional framework, with regards to the project scope, with references to the European, National and Municipal Ordinances, Laws and Acts. Moreover, the possibility of the introduction of an Urban Transport Directorate was examined.

A detailed feasibility study (technical, economic and financial), and an environmental impact assessment of the selected scenario were elaborated. In addition, issues regarding the institutional structure and the necessary actions are addressed, in view of the implementation of the selected scenario.

Finally, all necessary documents for applying for grants under the ERDF were prepared and the study team provided assistance to Stara Zagora Municipality up until the application approval.


Client: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria | Year: 2010-2011