FIDIC Engineer for Replacement of the Signalling / Interlocking Device in the railway station Podgorica

Under the “Reliability and Safety Improvement of “Bar-Vrbnica” railway line (SEETO Rail Route 4) Project”, the Railway Infrastructure of Montenegro [...]

2020-06-04T14:37:19+02:0014/12/2018|Projects, Railways, Services|

Connectivity Networks Gap Analysis- IPA 2011-WBIF-Infrastructure Project Facility-Technical Assistance 3 EuropeAid

The Connectivity Gap Analysis identified the compliance gaps of the entire Western Balkans (WB) Core Network against the TEN-T [...]

2018-11-16T00:10:15+02:0002/11/2018|Services, Transport Policy - Strategy|

Detailed Design and Tender Documents for the Reconstruction of the Road Scepan Polje-Pluzine

The present Technical Assistance (TA) focused on the Detailed Design of the road section between Scepan Polje and Pluzine in [...]

TEN-CONNECT: Scenario, traffic forecasts and analyses of traffic on Transeuropean Network for Transport

The TEN-CONNECT project focused on the analysis of the existing Trans European Network for Transport (TEN-T), as part of the [...]

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