As technical consultants, we provided technical and scientific assistance to the administration of PROMAHON S.A. on legal, technical and administrative issues with regards to freight villages in general, as well as the development and operation of the Promachon Freight Village in Northern Greece, at the borders between Greece and Bulgaria.

Within the project framework, our company elaborated various studies, provided technical assistance to the members of the Administrative Board of PROMAHON S.A. and undertook the overall coordination of the freight village licensing process. In cooperation with the members of PROMAHON S.A., we analysed the strategic business plan, which aimed at the finalisation of the company decisions. In addition, our role was to elaborate the freight village master plan which included forecasts of demand, the identification of facilities and space needs, the technical design, its operations and the pre-estimation of the related construction costs.

Furthermore, an investment plan was also elaborated, including the most significant viability indicators of the investment and allocation of investment funds according to the implementation timetable of the respective works as defined in the freight village master plan. In addition, our company supported PROMAHON S.A. in delivering the license request file and prepared internal rules for the freight village operation.

Client: PROMAHON | Year: 2005-2007