Within the framework of installing a controlled parking system with the use of mobile phones for the Municipality of Karpenisi, Greece, a detailed traffic and parking study was undertaken for the town. Traffic arrangements, bus lines amendments and an integrated parking management system were also proposed.

The traffic and car-parking study within the city centre of Karpenisi, Greece, was conducted within the framework of the project “Pilot installation, management and service provision of a controlled parking system with the use of mobile phone” which was undertaken by the National Technical University of Athens. The project consisted of two phases: a) Traffic and Car-Parking study, and b) Installation, management and services provision of the controlled parking system.

The main services provided by SYSTEMA referred to proposals regarding:

  • Classification of the area’s road network.
  • Traffic regulations.
  • Bus routes restructuring.
  • Parking management system, as well as the development of additional indoor and outdoor car parking spaces.
  • Controlled Parking System (zones of controlled parking system, parking spaces for residents and / or employees, parking spaces for special use, operating hours, fare policy, table of parking spaces, specification of horizontal and vertical signs and installation points).

More specifically, within the framework of the study, a detailed inventory of existing parking spaces was elaborated, including both on- and off–street parking spaces. In addition, data with regards to the road network characteristics, as well as the several land uses were collected, while an overview of the existing traffic organization, supply of parking spaces, location of taxi stations as well as bus routes was also conducted. Furthermore, the Study Team carried out traffic counts and identified traffic characteristics for selected sections of the road network of Karpenisi. At the same time, a thorough overview of the existing traffic signs within the city centre was elaborated.

Other surveys undertaken during the elaboration of the study mainly refer to the car parking supply and demand characteristics (parking accumulation and occupancy surveys), as well as a stated preference survey regarding the willingness of the Karpenisi citizens to use the new controlled parking system. Based on the survey results, current and future demand for parking spaces was estimated.


Client: Municipality of Karpenisi, Greece | Year: 2010