Transport Economics

Economic feasibility analysis and financial affordability of transport infrastructure projects has been at the core of our activities for over 20 years. Our experienced in-house experts with strong academic backgrounds and rich hands-on experience, can respond to the needs of public and private investors, working alongside with our traffic and modelling experts. They are continuously updating their knowledge and develop Cost-Benefit Analysis models, which can be suited for use in different projects.

Updated databases of cost items are maintained and used in our projects, which leads to avoidance of delays during data collection phases and also to the ability to cross-check data.

1| Feasibility Studies

SYSTEMA has successfully implemented a large number of Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies, in many countries. Whether public or private investments of one or a number of projects, we are able to respond rapidly to clients’ requests and offer reliable analyses on the feasibility of transport infrastructure projects, on all modes of transport, at interurban, urban and node level.

2| Project Financing

Blending Financing Facilities are considered as among the most innovative ways of financing infrastructure projects. Through our successful involvement in a number of Infrastructure Investment Framework (IPF) Technical Assistance projects flor the European Commission (DG ELARG) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), we have offered technical assistance in the last 10 years to beneficiaries in all Western Balkans countries, with the involvement of all major International Financing Institutions.

We are also able to perform financial analysis of individual projects and offer advise on the sources and the mix financing sources.