Transport Planning

We are among the leading firms in Europe in Transport Planning. We have been implementing projects in the sector for more than 20 years, at local, regional, national and multi-country levels. Our flagship projects include the Balkans’ Transport Master Plan (REBIS), the FERRMED Railway Corridor in Western / Northern Europe feasibility study, the scoping study of the Orient-East Med multimodal transport corridor in Central/South Europe and the Transport Master Plans of Greece and Turkey.

We have implemented more than 150 transport planning projects in all modes of transport, in more than 25 countries. Our in-house experts are able to manage and implement any challenging project, owing to their specialized academic background and rich hands-on experience.

1| Transport Master Plans

SYSTEMA is providing transport master planning services at all scales and a variety of clients. From regional (multi-country) strategic master plans, national (country level) master plans, which are providing direction and guidance for project/sector and policies prioritization, to regional and city/town transport master planning, we have been implementing a number of master plans. We have also successfully completed master plans for individual projects, for public and private sector clients.

2| Transport Modelling

We have been successfully building transport planning models for assessing the impact of future infrastructure and for forecasting traffic and/or concessionaires’ revenue.

Our in-house experts are experienced users of modelling software and able to develop and assess the results of advanced multi-modal models.

3| Traffic Engineering

SYSTEMA is able to provide top-level traffic engineering services, for public or private clients. We have completed a number of traffic impact assessments for private developments, as well as traffic studies at urban centres. Our experts will identify the important issues in a short period of time and will develop solutions, after prioritizing and analyzing from the most urgent to the less important ones, costing solutions and recommending time plans and action lists.

4| Public Transport

Our company is experienced in planning, designing and advising on all aspects of public transport infrastructure and operations. We are advisors to public and private sector operators and we are also experienced in building future strategies, based on solid analyses of the current market and on robust forecasts of future demand. Our expertise covers master planning of public transport, feasibility studies, network and route design, ticketing, reorganization of public transport companies, telematics, intermodal stations design and planning, human resource planning, economic and financial analysis of new services and infrastructure.