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Urban Transport

SYSTEMA – Transport Planning Consultants is a reliable partner for studies related to urban transport systems development and operation, as well as in passenger transport systems. Our key services include:

  • Public transport systems

  • Policy development and assessment on urban transport networks development

  • Metropolitan Public Transport Authorities development

  • Traffic models and demand forecasting

  • Traffic surveys

  • Traffic impact assessments

  • Incident management

  • Pedestrian flows


  • Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA)
  • Athens International Airport
  • Municipality of Karpenissi
  • Organising Committee for the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”
  • THEMIS – Public Construction Management Company, Hellenic Minstry of Justice
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria
  • KTEL – Attica Regional Buses
  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks
  • Attiko Metro S.A. (Athens Metro Development Company)