Project Identity
Client: European Commission | Year: 1997-2001

ASSEMBLING - Assembling a European Network of Monitoring Centres for Transport Infrastructure

Facilitating consistency and harmonisation at European level was the main aim of this research project. We, as Consultants, contributed in developing a network of Observatories / Monitoring Centers for transport infrastructure across Europe.

“ASSEMBLING” was funded by the European Commission under the 4th Framework Programme. The main objective of the project was to establish a network of observatories for transport infrastructure. Every single observatory, which could be any institution collecting and/or harmonizing transport data,  is an expert on decision making processes on transport and its impacts. Each Monitoring Center or Observatory is devoted to relevant cases of transport infrastructure decision-making processes and/or impacts but all of them share the common objective to facilitate consistency and harmonisation at European level.

The Observatory Network created within ASSEMBLING research consists of five Monitoring Centers located as follows: East Mediterranean, Scandinavian Nordic Triangle, Rhine Gateway, Pyrenees, West Mediterranean. Our role was to develop, organize and support the East Mediterranean observatory established within Greece. The technical solution adopted in ASSEMBLING was the provision of information services through internet. Interactive models were linked to the system called “knowledge tools” to assist the user in exploring the potential impacts of alternative policy actions. The development of common user-friendly interface to European policy and decision makers provided specific recommendations for the European Transport Policy Information System (ETIS).

Consortium: MCRIT (ES), SOFRES (FR), INRETS (FR), LT-Consultants Ltd. (FI), MKmetric (DE), SYSTEMA (GR), COMBIMARE (IT), IWW (DE), WCMC (UK)