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Client: Igoumenitsa Port Authority | Year: 2005-2006
Feasibility Study - Freight Village in Igoumenitsa Port, Greece

Feasibility Study - Freight Village in Igoumenitsa Port, Greece

Ιn the framework of upgrading and improving the freight transport system of Epirus Region in Northern Greece, Port Authority of Igoumenitsa port was looking to develop a freight village within the port, with direct access to another location in close proximity, due to space limitations. It was considered of great importance to examine the viability of such a project by conducting a thorough feasibility study, including financial evaluation.

The Port of Igoumenitsa in Epirus, Northern Greece, due to its strategic location, plays an important role in the maritime transport market, providing transport services for both passengers and cargo, both internationally and nationally. Its market share during the last decades has been constantly increasing, while it also plays a significant role in the intermodal transport market.

It was considered of great significance by the Port Authority to conduct a feasibility and viability study in order to examine the possibility of developing a freight village within the port with direct access to a freight village in another location in the greater area. Within the framework of this study the following activities were undertaken:

  • Review and assessment of the existing port infrastructure, transport services provided, traffic and socioeconomic data for the greater area, market research in the wider area, demand forecasting for the freight village.
  • Identification of design characteristics for the freight village (area, infrastructure, etc.), SWOT analysis for the freight village in order to assess the different location scenarios, cost-benefit analysis.
  • Business Plan for the freight village, including strategic and action plans, financial and economic analysis, investment plan for the freight village and implementation plan, including the implementation timeframe.