The Ostružnica – Batajnica railway section was constructed in the 1970s. This section is a single-track electrified line with a length of 22.35 km for railway freight traffic. This bypass railway line is a part of Belgrade Railway Junction and Pan-European Corridor X.

Besides freight transit, which is the primary type of traffic to/from the Belgrade Marshaling Yard, there is also regional cargo transport.

In our role under the IPF10 Technical Assistance to the Western Balkans, we have been asked to examine the options and the feasibility of the modernisation and sustainable development the railway bypass of Belgrade, in the effort of modernization of the of the Serbian railway transport system, in order to meet the required EU capacity levels and quality standards relevant to the TEN-T network. We are providing feasibility study, preliminary design and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment services.


Year: 2021- ongoing Client: EIB