SYSTEMA was responsible for data collection, site visits, interviews, supply and demand analysis and forecasts for Superfast Ferries lines in the light of improving the provided ferry services in the Baltic Sea.

Superfast Ferries S.A., being among the leading shipping companies was looking to improve its ferry services in the Baltic Sea by providing the opportunity to international rail card holders (including Interail) to be transported via two ferry links: Rostock (Germany) – Hanko (Finland) and Rostock (Germany) – Sodertalje (Sweden). The main scope of the project was to assess these ferry links and justify with concrete evidence that allowing international rail card holders to use these ferry links would not influence the existing balance between alternative modes of transport, but would in fact generate new rail / sea traffic. The main focus of the study was on passenger traffic, however, the truck / trailer traffic was also reviewed.

Within the above framework, the transport market in the Baltic region and more specifically in the two corridors of interest (Germany – Sweden, Germany – Finland) was analysed and a supply and demand analysis regarding all alternative means of transport was elaborated. In addition, the role and market share of Superfast Ferries was investigated and assessed. Finally, future demand for Superfast Ferries lines was examined and prospects for future development were also assessed. Our role, as Consultants, included data collection, site visits, interviews, supply and demand analysis and forecast for Superfast Ferries lines.


Client: Superfast Ferries | Year: 2002