The project’s main objective is the modernisation of the Golubovci – Bar railway line, which is part of the main railway corridor of Montenegro, the Vrbnica (border with Serbia) – Podgorica – Bar railway line. The railway line from Golubovci to Bar is a single, standard gauge and fully electrified track with a total length of 38.6 km, which is used for both passenger and freight trains. The line includes in total five railway stations, four train stops, seven level crossings, ten bridges and four railway tunnels.

The project scope includes the preparation of the detailed design for all the railway subsystems, as well as the preparation of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) study. The modernisation of the railway line consists of the rehabilitation and, wherever applicable, the upgrade of the existing track, structures, facilities and railway systems (signalling and power supply), in order to substantially meet the TEN-T standards.

The comprehensive improvement of the rail network is a key national objective of Montenegro, supported by the EU and by International Funding Institutions. Fully aligned with the national objective, the aim of this project is to prepare a comprehensive and detailed design for the works required for the modernisation of the railway line. The improvement of the railway network will result from increasing the railway line capacity, reducing the travelling time, increasing the operational safety and from achieving the harmonisation of the railway infrastructure technical conditions with the European Rail regulations and TEN-T networks requirements.

With the modernisation of the track, the design speed shall be increased to maximum 120 km/h, excluding urban areas and the section inside the Skadar Lake national park, where restrictions apply. After the modernisation and the installation of new signalling and power supply equipment, the availability and reliability of the railway line shall increase. Lastly, the improvement in the areas of level crossings shall improve both the rail and road traffic safety.


Client: EIB Year: 2021- ongoing